Water Conservation Measures

Water conservation is an important necessity in our community. Help protect, preserve, and secure our community by doing you part and learning about water conservation.

Measure 1

Residential and commercial location bearing a street address ending on an odd number, shall be permitted to irrigate only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Locations bearing a street address ending in an even number shall be permitted to irrigate only on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. No irrigations permitted on Mondays.

Measure 2

Irrigation water shall not be allowed to run off adjoining property or to the roadside ditch or gutter.

Measure 3

Open hoses are not permitted. Automatic shut-off nozzles are required.

Measure 4

Use of water to clean sidewalks, driveways and patios is not permitted. Washing of streets or commercial parking lots with a hose is not permitted, except to alleviate immediate fire or sanitation hazards.

Measure 5

Leaking pipes, fixtures or sprinklers shall be repaired promptly.

Measure 6

No landscape irrigation shall be permitted between the hours of 12:00 noon and 6:00pm.

Water Conservation Tips

Tip 1

Water early in the morning when there is less evaporation, and avoid watering on windy days.

Tip 2

Aerate your lawn allowing water to reach the roots faster.

Tip 3

Use mulch or peat moss around schrubs and trees to reduce evaporation and keepĀ  weeds out.

Tip 4

If you are planting new landscaping, look into “low water” type plants, trees and ground cover.

Tip 5

For pools, use a pools cover, to reduce evaporation.

Tip 6

Operate washing machines and dishwashers with full loads only.

Tip 7

Use water saving showerheads and toilet devices. Low-flow showerheads will not only conserve water but also cut electric bill.